CRC 673 'Alignment in Communication' project C5 'Alignment in AR-based cooperation'

In the past 8 months or so, ArchaeoDesign worked with the Collaborative Research Centre 673 in Bielefeld University, Germany. The project was to create a collection of models that could be used in an augmented reality project, but which could also be printed.

The modelling project was completed quite some time ago, but the paper is only just being published. Our client wrote us the following.

In the Collaborative Research Centre 673 funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) we investigate communication phenomenons related to alignment. One of the projects of this centre is called Alignment in AR-based cooperation and is focused on the chances and obstacles which occur during interaction in Augmented Reality scenarios. For our current set of studies we required a several 3D models which were meant to symbolize basic concepts of constructions like a hotel or a playground. Even though the concepts were clear to us it was hard to communicate our specific demands on these models.

Richard Potter did a very good job in converting our sometimes pretty vague ideas into excellent models. He spent quite some time to put himself into our context and asked questions which not just helped him to get a better understanding of our needs but also helped us to clarify issues with that. Requests and feedback was answered quickly and adaptations were conducted in just a few days or even hours. During the process of rapid prototyping where we adapted his models for 3D printing he showed high interest in this process and supported us by remodelling one piece which was not part of the contract.

His work fulfilled our expectations one hundred percent. We appreciate his patient and friendly customer support as well as his ability to 'get in our heads' and look forward for future cooperation.


M.Sc. Alexander Neumann
CITEC, Ambient Intelligence Group and SFB 673, Q1-141
Bielefeld University, 33615 Bielefeld, Germany
phone: +49-521-106 12163