Below is a list of publications that have already taken place, there are also a number of projects running which will be added to this list as and when they are published or details become available.

Graphics and 3D Publications

Pitman, Derek. 2008. Mining in the Southern Urals during the Middle Bronze Age (Masters Thesis - Sheffield University) - 3D reconstruction work.

Vasilis Tsamis (Wessex Archaeology) Multisensory archaeology: sensory potential of everyday practices in Late Bronze Age Macedonia, Greece. - Two reconstructions of Greek archaeology presented at the sensory studies conference in Chicago 2010.

Rugged Nails Project. 2010. 3D Concept Images for Masters Level Project.

Animation Project for David Blaikie Architects which was presented at the Scottish Housing Expo 2010.

Lillios, Katina. Tsamis, Vasileios. 2010. Material Mnemonics: Everyday Memory in Prehistoric Europe, Oxbow Books, UK. - 3D reconstruction work on back cover.

Neumann, Alexander. 2011. Design and Implementation of Multi-modal AR -based Interaction for Cooperative Planning Tasks. Bielefeld University. (Masters Thesis) - Models for Augmented Reality project.

Neumann, Alexander. 2011. Details forthcoming - Models for Augmented Reality Project

Nilsen, Andrine. 2011. En jämförande studie av stadsrummet under medeltid- tidigmodern tid. Sett genom rapporter 1998-2010 från utgrävningar i Uppsala, Jönköping och Karlstad. (Gothenburg University) - Created three maps from old maps and added required information.

Design of Early Modern Town Project business cards and Logo - 2011

Bryan Hanks , Roger Doonan, Derek Pitman and Igor Chechushkov. 2012. Eventful Deaths - Eventful Lives? Bronze Age Mortuary Practices in the Southern Urals of Russia (2100-1500 BC) - Images and animation presented at "Death shall have no dominion: the archaeology of mortality and immortality: A worldwide perspective organized by Colin Renfrew, Michael Boyd and Iain Morley " Organised by McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research - April 11-2012.

Poster Design for Early Modern Town Seminars - 2012

Advertisement and Web Design for Early Modern Town Conference to be held in 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden. - 2012.

Pitman, D., Doonan, R. C. P., Hanks, B., Montgomery, D., Van Brempt, L., Kupriyanova. E., and Zdanovich D. (forthcoming) Exploring Metallurgy at Stepnoye: the role of ceramics in the matte conversion process. In (eds) Doonan R. C. P. and Dungworth, D. Accidental and Experimental Archaeometallurgy. HMS

Advertisement poster for "Warfare in the Early Bronze Age" conference to be held in December at Gothenburg University - 2012

Currently working as a texture artist and a 3D modeller for a fan based production of a the tenth game in the popular series Might and Magic.

Currently working as a texture artist and 3D modeller on a Roman based MMORPG called Slaves of Rome.

7 Picture of the Day awards at E-on software.

1 Cream of the Crop awards at Cornucopia3D.

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