Services And Pricing

ArchaeoDesign offers a range of professional services. While specialising in heritage, archaeological and historical services we are also are happy to work with other subject areas.

3D Imagery and Reconstructions

ArchaeoDesign's specialisation lies with reconstruction of 3D environments and objects. We can create realistic historic and modern environments which will allow your clients, colleagues or patrons to get a clear image of what it is you are trying to convey

We don't just work with the heritage and archaeological sector though, we are also open to working with any industry. We have been known to work within the architecture industry

We also sell a selection of 3D Models and are available to construct custom models

Medieval Hamlet

ArchaeoDesign's Software

ArchaeoDesign uses a wide range of software including Lightwave 9.6, Vue 9 Infinite, Poser 7 and Photoshop

What can the Images be used for?

ArchaeoDesign's 3D imagery can be used for a wide range of purposes including book covers, presentations, museum displays, within academic documents, site and project reports, mock ups of building blueprints, demonstrating designs, artefact reconstruction etc etc

Please view our 3D imagery portfolio for more examples

3D Model Creation

Production of bespoke 3D models for gaming, reconstructions, museum works or just for a specific image.

Medieval Cathedral - Clay model

We make models in a variety of format, natively LWO, OBJ, PP2 and VOB but can convert to other formats if required.

View our range of existing products and links to site selling them.

Interactive Virtual Reconstructions

We are able to create 3D environments which can be used in game engines, specifically Unity3, which allow your users to experience the past in real time.

For more information about this and a demonstration, please contact us.

See our Pricing Scheme.



Animations are perfect to add to your presentation or to your website to demonstrate a concept.

ArchaeoDesign can create animations for a wide variety of situations including archaeological sites, architectural designs, artefact visualisations and more.

Watch our animation created for David Blaikie Architects

We can also create 3D VR animations.

Your animation can be produced in a variety of formats including .avi, .mov .mp4

We use the Lightwave 9.6, Vue 9 Infinite, Poser 7 and Adobe Premiere to create animations

See our Pricing Scheme.


Database Design

ArchaeoDesign offers two flavours of database design, Standalone Access Databases, and web based PHP/MYSQL databases

Access Databases

Access databases are perfect for use in historical environment recording. They are easy to learn to use and useable on many machines on a network and also easy to maintain and obtain reports from.

These databases are created using Microsoft Access, which is sold with Microsoft Office, and using VBA and SQL.

MySQL/PHP Databases

Web Based Databases are excellent to input and retrieve data in a number of locations and can be seamlessly integrated into your website.

Our web based database design uses PHP and MySQL, both free technologies, which can be used by anyone.

Data Entry

Archaeodesign offers data entry services for its own and pre-existing databases

See our Pricing Scheme.


Web Design

ArchaeoDesign can offer creative web design solutions that match your exact requirements by creating your website from the ground up starting with sorting domain registrations and hosting for you and then meeting your design specifications.

We also offer data entry services for new web sites

We use PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, MySQL, Wordpress and Drupal.

See our Pricing Scheme.